Useful links


BrailleMUSE, Braille music translation server from MusicXML (site available in a range of languages)

Feel The Music Project (encourages music deaf children to make music)

Music and the Deaf

Prima Vista Braille Music Services (Producer of Braille scores)

Visually-impaired musicians' lives (Institute of Education project)


Making Music (The UK’s leading association encouraging music making)

Musicians Without Borders (use music to support individuals and communities devastated by war and armed conflict).

General resources

Cadenza Glossary (mulitlingual glossary of musical terms)

Dolmetsch Online (includes resources such as free software)

Dolmetsch Online (a multilingual music dictionary into English)

English Folk Dance and Song Society

Glossary of Musical Terms

Media Access Australia

Music Acromyms

Music and advertising
how to find that song title for ads in the UK
music worldwide

Subtitling (open source)

Musical lyrics, libretti and resources on song translation

Classical, opera and musicals

The Aria Database

Simply Scripts (musicals)

Libretto index

Online sources of opera libretti at

Royal Opera House
- Access page:

The Lied, art song and choral texts archive

The LiederNet Archive

Popular songs

Letras Cantables, blog in Spanish on song translation (José María Perazzo)

Lyrics search engine at

Lyrics Translate


Song Lyrics


Music identification software




Music and Branding (recognition of songs in ads...)

TuneUpMedia (freeware)

Shazam (application for mobiles that
recognises music and media)

Music and Literature

Bronze by Gold (site devoted to music inspired by James Joyce) (dedicated to under- represented artists. Includes a book review section)

Translated music videos:
(This site hosts videos of famous British/American songs translated into Spanish/Italian/French)

Soundscapes and biophonies

Wild Music (a site about the sounds of life and how to build soundscapes)

Wild Sanctuary (Sounds of the wild)

Academic links
Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies