Video recorded interviews with practitioners and academics

Mark Harrison: Language Operation Manager, Viacom International

Mark Harrison, Head of Language Operations at Viacom International Media Networks, answers questions about intralingual subtitling as a form of accessibility. Most music channels, for reasons of copyrights, do not translate songs as such, but transcribe them. Mark comments on the context of songs on television.

Adriana Tortoriello: Translator and lecturer

Adriana Tortoriello, of University College London and a freelance translator, shares her experience in subtitling operas and operettas for DVD and highlights the main challenges encountered in this work: humour, intertextuality and the general issues of dealing with musical texts as a non specialist of music.

Klaus Kaindl: University of Vienna

Klaus Kaindl, of the University of Vienna, discusses the translation of popular music, which has been given less visibility than opera and classical music. He emphasises how such music is often translated from the point of view of style and genre, giving examples from the German Schlager or French 20th century songs.

Jane Manning: Soprano