Caroline Potter: Kingston University

Caroline Potter - Musicologist, (Kingston University) Caroline Potter specialises in French music of the Twentieth Century. Here she responds to questions about the role translation has in her research, with examples drawn from Boulanger, Satie and Debussy.

Katy Hamilton: Musicologist

Katy Hamilton - Archivist, Musicologist, Pianist and Lecturer (Royal College of Music), Katy Hamilton explores Lieder, chamber music and a wide range of nineteenth century German repertoire for voice. Here Katy answers questions about text setting in Lied, drawing on examples from Schumann and Brahms. She discusses the importance of the text for the composer and the performers, referring to many examples to illustrate throughout the interview.

Meredith White: Jazz Composer
Meredith White - Jazz pianist, composer and university lecturer (Meredith White Trio), Meredith White responds to questions out how new compositions and arrangements in jazz can be seen as a kind of translation of style. She speaks about Jazz as a malleable and continually developing genre.

Lucile Desblache: Researcher
Angeliki Petrits discusses the Translating Music project with two of its researchers.

Helen Julia Minors: Researcher